Thyroid Frustration

Last year around this time, I was able to lose 13 Ibs in about 40 days during a work challenge. I was incredibly happy with the progress, but I soon let that slip. I experienced an odd allergic reaction to something and after, let myself slip a little. 

Then, I noticed my hypothyroid symptoms more. In April, I had a checkup and my numbers looked “fine” but I knew I didn’t feel fine. I was exhausted all the time, my hair was falling out and my weight was creeping up more and more, despite continuing what I had been doing. It makes you start to wonder if you’re going to be stuck forever overweight. 

I started doing some research and found the site “Stop the thyroid madness.” So that’s where I am today. My doctor wasn’t willing to let me try different medication so I was finally able to get in to see a new doctor in December. I have starting adding in T3 but so far, I still feel exhausted by the afternoon and weight is still going up. Ugh!! 

My new doctor wanted me to do the 21 Day Vegan kickstart, which I am all for. But I need to get better at meal planning. 

So, now I still start documenting this part of my journey! Follow up with my doctor this month, so praying I can get on a slightly altered plan to get me optimal! 


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