Hi, I’m Jennifer!

You can call me Jennifer, Jen or Jenny. I’m a graphic designer from Central New York and have I have a beautiful daughter named Colleen.

Why “It takes time to build castles?”
I started this blog to document some of our life. I think we all have hopes and dreams, and mine changed dramatically when Colleen was born. There has been an incredible amount of uncertainly of just what Colleen will be able to do, and questions on her progress is met with “we’ll just have to wait and see.” 

Even with her setbacks, she is making progress. It’s all about finding what works for her; whether it be assistive technology, sign language, a walker, wheelchair, or anything, evey little thing she learns is helping to build her up. 

So I chose “It takes time to build castles” as a representation that working on pieces, bit by bit, will eventually lead to something great. My hopes is for her to be able to walk and talk… but, bit by bit.

I also am sharing more about me, because in caring for Colleen, the stress and anxiety was wearing me down. I am slowly working on myself, becoming a healthier mom overall, and getting back that positive attitude that I lost for a while. 

I would love to connect with other parents that have a child with epilepsy or cerebral palsy. And of course, positive people who will help me build myself back up as well and meaningful relationships. Because in all honesty, I know I tend to push people away when times are tough.

Feel free to contact me any time at jennylouns@gmail.com!


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