2016 and on to 2o17!

Last time I posted, WordPress was giving me a hard time posting, so hoping that isn’t the case today.

I’m not sure what happened to 2016. I feel like in the blink of an eye, we were in January 2016, and now its January 2017.

I had high hopes for Colleen’s health since the last post. As I had mentioned, we came home from Boston with a different child. She had begun to stand on her own and made some progress. While that is still the case, it seems almost daily where she wakes and has a lot of small jerking. And every morning I pray it doesn’t turn in to a full blown seizure. This monster is relentless.

Getting back to school after a week off was a slight challenge. Her first day back, her teachers said she was so tired the whole day. At one point, she just laid her head down on the table and took a nap. Eating was a struggle, but she’s since started to eat better.

I’m going to make it a point to blog more. It’s a struggle to try to draw a line on what I share. In some ways, I know this blog is generally for me to go back and read. I want to share Colleen’s journey and my own journey but I hate writing about myself! Like, who really cares?! 🙂 But at least I can know I can look back and watch this crazy little journey called life.


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