Friday, Jonathan and I got to attend a “Parent’s Night Out,” hosted by our daughter’s school. It was designed to help parents get their questions answered by those who may have more experience when it comes to getting their children the services they need. We are their best advocates as parents, and knowing what to expect was been very helpful.

We are coming up on Colleen’s kindergarten transition period, which means some meetings to figure out what therapies she is going to get and such. At the moment, I’m not feeling as prepared as I should be, but I am so thankful for Colleen’s teachers who are not only helping me, but looking out for Colleen’s best interests as well. I will be having a meeting Thursday to get information, but I’m not actually sure when her meeting to decide everything will be. I’m not even 100% sure what school she will be attending, but I would definitely like the one that is most capable for her needs.

Did I happen to say that I’m very much not ready for Colleen to be starting kindergarten? But, I’m hoping much like when she started preschool, it will be a great and positive experience. She has grown and thrived with her therapists and teachers, and I will be forever grateful for all they’ve done to help her. I can’t say enough good things about her school.

Colleen finally got her wheelchair in, and she is doing pretty well in moving herself around. She just wants to go! Her ability to walk is still number one on my list, but the wheelchair may be necessary for her if we have far distances to travel. She loves walking around, but it’s easy to tell after picking her up from school that it’s physically exhausting to be walking constantly.


We got a little taste of Spring yesterday, and I am very much ready for the warmer weather. Colleen loves being outside, and I can’t help but agree. Excited for cleaning up out yard, time outside, and hopefully a swing-set for Colleen!