The struggle is real.

When I found my new doctor and started taking my new thyroid medication, I seen a brief loss on the scale and thoughts of “hurray! My thyroid is working!” went through my head. That was short lived. As much as I want to hide away and stay silent on the issue, I know it won’t do me any good. I know this is a tough battle, but I have to keep on fighting. Since starting the vitamin D, I do think there has been a slight improvement in energy. Small mercies. Just have to keep on track with my nutrition and hopefully everything else will fall in to place. 

I couldn’t be happier with how well Colleen is doing. The first few months of the school year, she would hardly eat anything. Specifically, her lunch. I was worried knowing how many hours she was going between meals. I stuffed so many snacks in her backpack in hopes that there would be something in there that she would eat. Now, I get word that she’s eating not only a diverse lunch, but all of it! Horrah! 


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