Essential Oil–DigestZen

Before I start, I will say that this is my first experience with essential oils. I am not selling anything. This is my very own unbiased opinion.

I posted a while ago about my desperation to find relief for Colleen. Soon after, a friend posted about the essential oils she had used to help her children fall asleep. I was intrigued. Colleen is notorious for being exhausted, falling asleep but then then waking up a few hours later ready to go. 1 sample, an infuser and FaceBook group add later, I saw a post about this DigestZen; Far more intrigued with this! I went ahead and bought the bottle.


After receiving, I mixed some with coconut oil in a small container so that I could apply it to her belly before bedtime. To put the change in perspective, Colleen’s teachers asked if her meds had changed because she seemed so much happier. The oil was the only thing that had changed. So now, before bed, I give her a homeopathic gas drop I found at Walgreens and rub some of the DigestZen on her belly. It’s been an amazing help! And yes, I do think it was 100% the oil. There have been a few nights in which should couldn’t burp after eating/drinking. Normally, this would result in her either being super fussy before she fell asleep, or she would wake up very unhappy. Now, if I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get her to burp, I give her gas drops and rub this in and she sleeps. (Which means I get to sleep, so it’s a definite win-win.) 🙂

DigestZen is a mix of ginger rhizome/root, peppermint plant, caraway seed, coriander seed, anise seed, tarragon plant and fennel. It is good for aromatic, topical or dietary use. I’ve been using this topically mixed with coconut oil.