I'm going to make it a point to update more frequently in the upcoming weeks. Colleen's fundraiser for stem cell therapy really took off, and because of that, we were able to schedule her appointment for August 17th.

I've heard from a few people about their own children's treatment, and they're such inspiring stories. There's a lot of hope, even those I don't know exactly what to expect. Either way, we've always celebrated the tiny victories (to others) because to us, they're huge!

I plan on making a video of the complete journey, so check back later!

For now, just trying to get all the travel arrangements taken care of. Stroller vs. wheelchair. Taking her car seat vs. renting . And of course, bringing her Safety Sleeper bed. It has its own durable luggage case, but I'm very very afraid of that getting lost.

I can't wait to share more!