New AFO’s! 

The number of doctors that Colleen sees can get a little daunting when you think about it. She had her physical a few weeks ago, and we had to go over the list to make sure we were following up with everyone. 

The most pressing at the moment is seeing her orthopedist and eye doctor. About a month ago, her PT noticed that Colleen’s chest was a little asymmetrical, which could potentially mean scoliosis. I guess it can be common in people with CP. 

Well, I’m very happy to report that her spine is perfectly straight! The issue with her check isn’t a big deal, thankfully. We brought in her AFO’s since she’s had them for a few years.

I remember when her toes barely extended past that little white part, onto the purple. Now, her little toes peek over the edges! Definitely time for new ones!

The second most pressing doctor she needs to see is the eye doctor. When she lost saw him, he wanted to wait to see what her eyes did. They still turn in, so I think it’s time to look at the options more closely. We are worried about cortical visual impairment (she can see, but the brain doesn’t process it.) We know she definitely has an astigmatism, so corrective lenses may be necessary. Now, we just have to wait til June!