I’m writing this in hopes that someone who may have dealt with a similar issue might contact me and give me some glimmer of hope for dealing with some of Colleen’s stomach issues.

Ever since she was a baby it has been extremely hard to burp her whenever she drinks. She seems to go through phases where it’s super easy, and then periods of time where you have about as much luck getting a rock to burp. It’s immensely frustrating to try to guess what exactly is wrong since she can’t communicate, but worst of all, no parent wants to see their child in pain. A pain that you can’t really do much about. I’ve tried those darn gas drops and shelled out $18 for a teeny tiny bottle of homeopathic remedy in hopes it would solve the issue. I’ve rubbed peppermint oil on her belly.

When she does in fact burp easily, it’s a gleeful, happy time. You would’t think it possible for someone to get so exciting about a simple burp, but I will tell you, it’s cause for cake and balloons in this household. Just last night though, I spent almost 2 hours walking her around after a simple sip of water. 2 hours. And still, she would not burp.

I’ve had some question how exactly I know she needs to burp. After she drinks, you can hear things sloshing around in her belly. After she does burp, sloshing disappears and we have a happy baby once more. If it happens to stay in longer than it should, we have a very miserable child until it’s out.

She has been low-tone since birth so after she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, things started to make sense. I’m guessing it’s your muscles that help to push things where they need to go. And if hers are weaker, then of course she would have difficulties. I still can make no sense of the phases though.

I would absolutely love to connect with other parents who may deal with similar situations, who may be able to offer some advice or even sympathize. Help.


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