Waiting game.

Hey! Did you notice something? After some internal debate, I finally bought http://www.timetobuildcastles.com ! Right now, it’s the domain name that forwards to here. I’m going to try to clean up my page and make it user friendly for my few followers. 😉

I used to say that I was an incredibly patient person. But that is very much in the past, and I’m often told that I just need to relax. And you know how when you say you need to work on something, it seems like you’re provided ample opportunity to do so? I’m (slowly) learning patience.

I have been trying to think back to how long it’s been since we started discussing it, and I absolutely hate the fact that it’s been well over 6 months. Before Christmas, Colleen’s therapist had requested a new script for the specific bed. I found out last week that they had yet to write it. Several phone calls later, I have the new one, but she is off of school this week, so we won’t see her therapist till Monday. I am frustrated.

Her wheelchair finally came in, but I have to update all of Colleen’s insurance information before we can get it. There’s always hurdles to battle over it seems. Hoping to get that sorted this week. We are also still waiting to hear about her Embrace watch. It was December when we found out she was approved to receive one. And I was supposed to be contacted with a code to check out the app and such. Still waiting.

As for health-related updates, I’m coming near the end of the Metro 42 challenge, you’d think I’d have my act together and be making consistent, healthy choices. Right? I had hit 127.6, and was incredibly happy with the results. Then the weekend happened. I tracked everything in MyFitnessPal to the best of by abilities, and to my horror, I’m up to 132 this morning. Calorie wise, I wasn’t too terrible, so I’m not sure if I’m retaining water or whats going on. After I hit under 130, I told myself that I didn’t want to see that number ever again. To say I’m disappointed in myself is an understatement. To top it off, I didn’t get a workout in yesterday when I easily could have. Weekends are the absolute worst in terms of choices, so I need to get better at that.

But, today is a new day, so back at it, and back to making healthy choices. Hopefully it is indeed just water weight (We did have hibachi from Ichiban for Valentine’s, and while it is amazing and delicious, I’m not sure it’s quite worth 4 Ibs. Maybe 2.) I’ve been wanting to ask my doctor, or anyone with hypothyroidism, if when they have higher amounts of sodium, they gain a lot. It seems like that happens with me.


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