Colleen’s IEP meeting with the school was earlier this week, and one of the comments they made was that we brought a different child with us back from Boston. I had to think about that statement for a while. Colleen was exploring more. One of her favorite things to do currently is to throw a ball and chase after it. She’s more vocal, which by that I mean she is making different sounds; ones she hasn’t made before, like a “y” sound. And she is showing far more spunky personality. Doesn’t want to be held? She will grunt and try to shove you away. She might not be able to tell us what she wants, but she can certainly express her displeasure! 

The most noticeable progress I’ve seen is standing from sitting. On Wednesday night, I was going to put dinner in the oven. She had a disc toy that plays music, and she likes to sit and spin it around because of its shape. Well, she was sitting one second, and then the next, she was standing there! Maternal instinct kicked in as I ran over, praying she didn’t fall over. She can be a bit wobbly, but she spent the next few hours before bed standing up. There were some falls on her butt and some getting down on her own. But she did it over and over. Then she slept for 14 hours!

I’m so incredibly proud of her and the progress she’s making.


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