SAMi Camera And Second Opinions

SAMi gets a round of applause for fast (and free) shipping. We ordered late on a Friday and it was delivered ahead of schedule on Monday. As soon as I got home from work, I set it up. It is pretty simple overall; connect the camera to your router and once you find it and go through initial set up, you’re good to unplug and connect via WiFi. I have an iPad mini that was perfect to use with the SAMi. The settings are a bit of trial and error. I read their website and searched for a video that could possible help to know what settings to use. I found that motion threshold is usually between 10 and 25%. I set ours to 25%. Colleen likes to play and bounce, so there’s seen a few false alarms sounding. Which is 100% okay with me. It has provided a sense of relief as she sleeps and knowing we’ll be alerted.


Settings screen.
Main screen. The side will turn red and sound an alarm if any of the setting limits are exceeded.

Last weekend was her school’s fun run, which was to help raise money for activities and such. I can’t say enough about how much they’ve done for Colleen. She made it three laps this year. 😉 Her new favorite activity is walking but stopping to drag her left foot. haha. image1-2

Things are finally starting to get warm around here. Spring was slow to start and now it feels like full on summer with temps already in the 90’s. I spotted a very adorable pool at Target that she just had to have. Summer temps also meant haircut! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve asked for the hairdressers to take a few inches off, but each time they barely cut off any. Her hair had gotten very long, so it was time. It’s about at her shoulder blades now and absolutely adorable. Cutting seemed to have bring back some of the curliness.

image3image2 copy

And last but not least, some good news! We’ve been wanting to get Colleen in to see Boston Children’s Hospital department of Epilepsy for a second opinion. After her increase in seizures over the last few months, I really want to make sure we’re doing all we can to help Colleen do the best she can. Thoughts and prayers please for the next coming months; the med increase has seemed to help so far.


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