End of the metro42 challenge 

It’s the end of our workplace fitness challenge, and I am happy to report that I went from 138.8 to 126.6 in those 42 days.


I weighed in at 125.4Ibs this morning. I like to weight in right after I wake.
It’s only taken me four and a half years to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Not exactly awe-inspiring, but with that, I would like to say how important nutrition is to your weight-loss goals. 
What I’ve learned:

1. I was consuming far too much processed sugar. I normally have coffee the morning, and coffee later on in the afternoon. These both were loaded down with sugar and cream.

2. I can’t say enough about drinking enough water. I try for 70 oz/day (my body weight divided in half.) I’ve heard this is a good way to ensure you drink enough instead of the old 8 glasses a day rule. 

3. Protein and good carbs: I’m over red meat. Vegan/vegetarian is something I would really like to do for both ethical and health reasons, so it was easy to stop eating red meat. Not quite there yet, so I did eat a lot of chicken and turkey during this process. Fruits and vegetables for carbs! 

4. Overall, a “clean” diet. Not a huge fan of that word, but essentially nothing that comes highly processed. I’m a big fan of foods that don’t have crazy ingredients on the list. I became a huge fan of cauliflower rice curry and turkey meatballs. 

5. Lastly, eating enough. Fuel your bodies. You need more than 1200 calories.(Seriously, who came up with that?!) My calculated BMR is about 1350, meaning that I should never eat under that. This is what your bodies uses for it’s basic functions. I have my MFP calorie goal at 1572, but I’d like to have maintainable cals around 1700. 

I hope some of this information is beneficial! I’d be happy to share more about the process, and I’m excited to continue on, and break below 120. I don’t have a specific goal in mind, but if I can lose a bit more fat, gain some muscles and tighten up my stomach muscles, I’ll be happy. 


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