New Bed—Soon

A certain little girl has some explaining to do. We had lowered Colleen’s crib as low as it was designed. We have been delaying transitioning her to a bed because she just isn’t ready. She has no sense of danger and while putting her mattress on the floor may be another option, she would likely chew on everything. 

A few weeks ago while I was at work, Jonathan sent me a picture of Colleen in the area next to the stairs. He heard a thump and then her babbling a lot louder than normal. I never would have guessed she would be strong enough to pull herself out of her crib at the position it was. But she did. My heart sank at work, knowing how easily she could have fallen down the stairs. 

Knowing this point was coming a while ago. I sent a message to her sevice coordinator about a bed for Colleen. We had been in talks for quite some time but I didn’t think it would be so soon! After much research, I decided I liked The Safety Sleeper option the best.

It was one of the least prison like options and wasn’t huge and bulky. 

I am still waiting on her doctor to write a script for it as well as a letter from her physical therapist as to why she needs it. And then I pray insurance will cover it.

Has anyone had experience getting a safety sleeper? I really hope to have one soon, as Colleen’s crib has been modified, but it still worries me. 


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